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There are all sorts of different and popular methods out there for fighting acne these days. There are numerous products made by big name companies. Surgical procedures are also available. There are spas as well that offer facial and acne treatments. The reality, though, is that you've got to stop buying into the hype if what you really want is skin that's clean and clear. The key to proper skin care is to get back to the basics and use those. So for beautiful, acne free skin, try using the following basic methods of skin care.

Talk to your doctor or dermatologist about your acne. Having pimples once in a while is fine, but getting acne breakouts often when you're already an adult is a completely different thing. If you've got a bad case of acne, you should have a dermatologist check your acne condition. What your dermatologist will do is evaluate your acne problem and then determine the best treatment to give you. If basic over the counter cleansers aren't helping, they can prescribe something stronger to you. Also, your dermatologist can do specific treatments for your acne if you require them. If hormonal issues are what's causing your acne, a dermatologist will be able to figure that out.

Scrubbing isn't the answer to clean skin. You may get the urge to scrub your face to get rid of the excess oil. Remember, though, that you'd just be damaging your face if you scrub it. Scrubbing can tear the skin. Your oil glands also end up producing way too much oil. You'll have irritated skin. In response to the skin irritation, more oil is produced by your oil glands. So really, there's no good that will ever come out of scrubbing your face.

A healthy diet can do wonders for your skin. A diet that's balanced and nutritious is effective in keeping your body in good health. You can count on your skin being healthy if your body is healthy. Pimples are a lot less likely to come up if your skin is healthy. Staying away from junk foods is the best you can do for your skin. You'll thank yourself for it later when your skin is still young looking and elastic.

A lot of people fall for the marketing hype for many acne fighting products. The reality is that it's the companies that benefit from this hype, not the consumers. The real secret to acne free skin is healthy skin, and healthy skin can be achieved by developing healthy habits. Often, this means practicing skin care basics and ignoring the hype. We've talked about a few things in this article.

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